Tinder algorithm 2023 decoded: 10 very simple hacks to double your matches today! (2023)

Tinder algorithm 2023 decoded: 10 very simple hacks to double your matches today! (1)

Do dating apps still work in 2022?

Yes, tinder does work; tinder is one of the most popular dating apps out there and their algorithm has just gone better and better every year ONLY IF you know how to use it. Whether you are looking for a short-term relationship, or something more serious - tinder can help!

Want to know the differences between a short-term or long-term relationship's profile you MUST implement right now in 2022? Only ROAST can tell you.

Even before the pandemic, Tinder's adoption was skyrocketing. It is now sure that the trend will continue, as more and more people relied on Tinder to find connections.

The volume of messages has increased by more than 50% and swipes by more than 65%. See yourself some financial facts about Tinder.

Spoiler: it's booming!

The pandemic did have several impacts:

• More users on Tinder, ESPECIALLY hot girls.

• More people are eager to meet online, because of social distancing. May it be imposed or chosen.

And most of all: what comes after a big storm like that? Good weather! Or even, a rainbow if you are lucky.

After each big crisis, economy and dating have been booming. Especially after pandemics:

• The Renaissance in Europe after the Black Plague in 1350.

• The Roaring 20's in the USA after WWI and the Spanish Flue.

What after this COVID period? Online dating will be booming!

So better not miss that train!

Small aside. Did you know it is possible to make your profile more attractive in 2 minutes and get more matches every day?

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So, what are you waiting for to take charge of your dating life?

Tinder algorithm 2023 decoded: 10 very simple hacks to double your matches today! (3)

What is Tinder's algorithm and how does it work?

What is it?

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps out there, and it has been around since 2012 now. Meaning that their algorithm is one of the most intelligent and complex one, and that’s why you probably are misusing it right now. but what does Tinder do exactly? How does Tinder work? And how to force their algorithm to give you more matches?

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Tinder is a well-known dating app. It's one of the most popular dating apps out there, and it has been around for quite some time now. The tinder algorithm was first introduced in 2012, butwhat does Tinder do exactly? How does Tinder work?

Before jumping on the algorithm itself, let's think about how is Tinder built. Tinder offers you a pile of profiles to swipe on. A lot of potential matches!Each user has a pile of profiles in front of him.

Which profiles and in what order?

That isup to Tinder to decide, and that is roughly what "the algorithm" is.

The dating app could decide to show you random profiles. It is actually enough for a very young app with not that many users.

However, they can do**better.**Better in what sense? Their goal is to make money for sure. Of course, they could aim at doing so as a big scam, making you see only hot profiles and hoping for the best by paying. Spoiler: it wouldn't last long.

No, their best shot is actually by having their users happy, and still dreaming a little for sure!

That is what tinder does. It knows that you want to see more options, so it suggests profiles for you based on who has already seen your profile and liked it (you can read this as "who likes me").

Hence, its shows you a mix of people you are likely to like, and people that are likely to like you back.

How does it work?

First, tinder is based on a ranking system. This means that tinder's matchmaking and the sorting process rely heavily on theElo rating systeminvented by Arpad Elo in the 1960s.

The idea behind the Elo rating system is very simple: it calculates an estimate of each player’s skill level with respect to the game. We talk a lot about this ELO approach inour article there.

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In a few words, the ELO is the ranking you would get in any matchmaking game. Say chess. Chess players face each other, 1v1. If you beat someone, you gain ELO, if you lose, you lose some. In dating, ELO can be seen as a desirability score. After sufficient time, we can then rank the players, given their matches historic.

Tinder algorithm 2023 decoded: 10 very simple hacks to double your matches today! (5)

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Dating apps can use the same reasoning:

  • We see the meeting of potential matches as a game.
  • If someone swipes right (likes) you, you get ELO.
  • If you get swiped left, you lose some. Even more, if YOU swiped right (that's a double defeat).

We can see straight away that YOUR swipe strategy will have a big impact on your ranking. But that is for the next part, so be patient.

ELO is obviously just one way of solving this matchmaking problem. It ends up matching the most desirable people together and then going down. With modern artificial intelligence, and machine learning techniques developed, many other algorithms were designed and implemented.

Tinderclaims to have left ELO now. That seems obvious!

People often interpret it as

Oh great they stopped rating people!

Totally wrong.

They probably use some other technique, likeGale-Shapley algorithm. Used in many dating apps such as Bumble or Hinge, that aims at matching users that have preferences, to maximize their happiness.

Tinder has access to much of your data, think about it:

  • Often part, your Facebook profile: friends, photos, likes.
  • Your usage of Tinder: your likes, dislikes, the way you text, and so on!
  • Sometimes, other social networks, Instagram, Spotify.

That is a lot of material for artificial intelligence to evaluate who you are, what you like, and who is likely to like you. Tinder's AI can analyze thousands of data points about both users and help them find their perfect match faster than ever before! This leads to the question: what do you have to do if you are not happy with the girls Tinder suggests to you?

(Video) 13 Tinder Profile Tips For Guys (Double Your Matches in 2023)

We will see this in detail after. But keep in mind that you will have to focus on two simple things:

• Tinder's perception about you.

• The way YOU interact with Tinder.

Or you can also focus on:

• NOTHING, and let our secret AI algorithm do the job for you now in only 1mn for FREE, like I do and like all my subscribers are doing as well.

Before we jump to this, let's see some important facts to know about the algorithm and its impact on you!

Do you think you are shadowbanned? Checkout our article to solve this problem.

(Video) How To Exploit The Tinder Algorithm In 2022 - Niching, Netflix, And Venn Diagrams

Tinder algorithm 2023 decoded: 10 very simple hacks to double your matches today! (6)

What should I know before facing the algorithm and the match-making?

You must start to know us. As an AI engineer and Tinder expert I am the only one that can give you the theoretical knowledge before jumping onto the practical "hacks".

First of all, your actions are heavily influenced by your mindset and tinder is only a reflection of you. And the most important thing to know: think before acting!

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You're offered profiles but who selects them? As I said, the algorithm does that and not tinder staff;

Who would Tinder likely favor?

Well, as a company, Tinder wants to encourage good behaviors.

• Good behavior that pushes you to spend time on Tinder, and if possible money too.

• Behavior that is likely to push you to influence others to behave well on the app: spend time, money and influence others positively.

The algorithm is a way to favor tinder users who behave well and discourage others. The more you behave as Tinder wants, the higher your rating will be! You are then offered more valuable profiles than those with lower ratings: it's all about tinder maximizing profits! If tindering became too hard for some people, it is often linked to the fact that they are not great users!

To better understand the dynamics, check our ebook. You can take a good edge on others reading this! Get your free sample straight away. Or you can also interact with ROAST directly, our AI and get instantaneous feedbacks.

You should also know that any changes you make can take time to influence such an algorithm.

Such algorithms have a big momentum. You need to trust the processing of improving yourself and your profile. Those changes will eventually pay off. But that will take time!

That’s why if you don’t want to wait months each time you change something randomly before getting your dream girls, you’ll absolutely need ROAST to tell you exactly what to do in only a few seconds. That’s what we use, and what our subscribers use to get all the top girls on Tinder rapidly before anyone even has the time to see them.

Last thing to understand clearly: Tinder and people only know about you what you show. They WILL judge you based on that. What you show and how you behave determines your desirability score.

Think about this deeply when using the app:

• What do you display in your profile?

• What does each pic say about you?

(Video) Tinder’s Algorithm Explained: How it Works & How to Get More Matches

• What kind of people is likely to be attracted by those reflections?

• What does your behavior on the app actually say about you?

Take a step back, try to think about what a stranger would say by visiting your profile for the very first time.

But I know you’re like me and 90% of our readers so you’re too lazy to do it everytime you change a picture, a description, or everytime you send a message, and that’s why 90% of Tinder users become B-rank or C-rank very easily and will never touch the A-rank. So If you want to sort it out NOW in only 1mn with scientific and proven analysis, we created specifically for you and our subscribers ROAST, that will give you an in-depth profile review, a fresh look at your profile to start understanding what is good and what can be improved on your profile.

Just do not forget that Tinder, the algorithm, girls, or any other dating app can't know anything else other than what you show.

Have you ever wondered why Dating apps are working for your friends but not you?

It's hard to know what makes a dating profile attractive, and even harder to know which pictures are good or not.

With our AI-trained on 10,000+ pictures rated by hot girls and dating experts, we can help you to choose your best pics and stand out.

Make your dating profile more attractive in just 2 minutes.

Tinder algorithm 2023 decoded: 10 very simple hacks to double your matches today! (8)

How to increase your score within Tinder's algorithm?

Now that you understand why Tinder's algorithm exists, and the mindsets to have when using the app, let's jump to practical ways of improving your rating!

Get a solid profile

Hack #1: Be exhaustive

Provide a lot of descriptive information. It is important to convey a lot to become an attractive profile.

Tinder's algorithm uses your profile to match you with other people, so the more detail about yourself and what you're looking for in a partner, the better! Be sure to include only super-expressive photos. Some that bring something to the table. Try not to go overboard on tinder bio. Concise and efficient.

But check that you show or state your strengths! No one will do it for you.

Connecting external sources of information such as a solid Instagram or Facebook profile can be a good thing. It will strengthen your profile in the eyes of other users ONLY IF your pictures are good! Otherwise it can weakens your profile even more. Any doubt about that? Let ROAST tell you!

It will also give more data to Tinder's algorithm, and... help you be a good user.

Be a good user

Being a model user is super important to be ranked well! In order to do so you have many options!

Hack #2: Use all Tinder's features.

When Tinder launches a new feature, they favor people using them, to encourage adoption! Seize the opportunity.

Vibes are one of the latest addition as I write this article. And it's fun!

The easiest way to get a small boost while having fun!

Hack #3: Connect often.

Connecting often has several impacts. the most important is that you are likely to bring other people on the app! Tinder likes active users. That is clearly the best behavior you can have. Swipe often. It is clearly a win-win here!

Be careful though. With each tip its risks. Even if you are a good active user, don't swipe TOO MUCH. You could be tempted with Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, or Tinder Platinium to swipe constantly.

(Video) Hacking the Tinder Algorithm to Find Love

There would be a risk for you to get flagged as a bot! It's after like 2000 swipes per day ;).

Hack #4: Travel

Traveling is something Tinder favors. You will receive a boost when reaching a new city. The app wants you to have a good experience associating Tinder and travels.

Be careful though! It is not true with fake travels using passports. The city change feature of Tinder. Abusing a passport is very likely to decrease your score.

Behave like a VIP

It is important that Tinder understands that you are worth a lot! At least in what Tinder would consider important.

Hack #5: Be super selective

That is the most common advice. Differentiate yourself from the mass of other guys.

If you are not selective, what will the algo think?

OK this guy likes almost everything.

So in order to make everyone happy, I can send him anything. And I will save the highly demanded profiles for the picky guys.

Easy work for the algo to please you!

You want to be one of those picky guys. Swipe right only on super attractive profiles. So like I said before, swipe often, but swipe carefully.

You don’t see any super attractive profiles? That means you’re B-ranked or C-ranked, know how to get A-ranked with ROAST in 1 minute now!

Watch your mouth

Hack #6: Write to your Tinder matches, fast.

60% of guys do not even write to their Tinder matches. That is a very bad user habit since you do not bring girls on the app doing so.

Also, you are aware that most girls have WAY more matches than you. Why losing an opportunity to make a great first impression. Check out our article about Tinder openers if you struggle too much!

Learn to take the lead and action fast. It pays off a lot!

Hack #7: Use elaborate vocabulary

It is shown that the algorithm recognizes an elevated tone, with the use of long words. Forget childish internet way of writing.

Hack #8: Use the features, once more

Use what is at your disposal.

At the time I am writing it is sharing vibes for instance

But it can be GIFS and everything else!

Don't be shy but don't abuse.

Extra ones

Hack #9: Pay!

Who is likely to be favored by Tinder? Answer: a paying user. You are making them a living, of course, they do not want you to stop!

A frustrated paying user would leave fast. I personally would not stop giving all the results I had with subscriptions. In-app purchases are generally welcomed and favored by the algorithm!

However, WARNING. Do not pay if you do not have a strong profile first.

So before committing, checkout ROAST to be sure to be on track with a solid Tinder Profile review, otherwise you’ll just lose thousands of dollars like me before. I don’t want it to happen anymore to anyone else.

Hack #10: Reset your account

If your score is too low, you can always reset your account.

(Video) Tinder Elo [A Guide To Tinder’s Algorithm]

Watch out though! If you want to reset your Tinder account without getting banned / shadowbanned, you need the right tools and knowledge. This guide will help you do it safely!

Our step-by-step guide will show you how to reset your profile properly so that no one can tell that this was done recently. We'll also teach how to avoid being shadowbanned when doing this or any other action on Tinder (like swiping).


How to hack Tinder for more matches? ›

Tinder Hacks You Need to Know: How to Make the Most of the App and Beat the Algorithm
  1. Be active on the app.
  2. Swipe left sometimes.
  3. Be open-minded with your match filters.
  4. Link your other social media accounts.
  5. Choose a diverse set of high-quality photos.
  6. Seek feedback on your photos.
Oct 25, 2022

How do I maximize my Tinder algorithm? ›

To sum up: Don't over-swipe (only swipe if you're really interested), don't keep going once you have a reasonable number of options to start messaging, and don't worry too much about your “desirability” rating other than by doing the best you can to have a full, informative profile with lots of clear photos.

How do I reset my Tinder algorithm? ›

Algorithm on Tinder can be reset by deleting and re-opening your account. This will put you back to square one. Create a new email or register an account with a different phone number. The first few days on an account receive an extra “boost” in search so enjoy some additional matches.

Do people go on Tinder to cheat? ›

Consequently, it might be that non-single users search for romantic partners on dating apps while being in a committed relationships because they fear being single. While several findings show that people can use Tinder to be unfaithful, this is not necessarily the case for everyone.

Do people cheat on Tinder? ›

Furthermore, it was also found that some 17 percent of undergraduates had messaged someone on Tinder while in a committed relationship, and over 7 percent had engaged in a sexual relationship with someone they had met on Tinder while still in a committed relationship (Weiser et al 2018).

How do you beat the dating app algorithm? ›

What follows are five tips for mastering dating apps by beating the algorithms at their own game.
  1. Get your game face on. ...
  2. Don't swipe right on everyone. ...
  3. Swipe consistently. ...
  4. Get on the app more. ...
  5. If all else fails, start fresh.
Jun 2, 2022

How many Tinder pics should a guy have? ›

Showing variety and personality in your spread of 9 Tinder photos is definitely a good idea. But it has to be immediately clear and obvious which person you are. Additionally, too many group pics can also make it seem like you don't have much identity as an individual.

What percentage of Tinder users are female? ›

Tinder gender demographics

Tinder has a gender imbalance, with 75% of users identifying as male. In some countries, such as India, the male to female disparity is even larger, while in Europe it is closer to 50/50.

Does Tinder rate your attractiveness? ›

Tinder CEO Sean Rad told Fast Company the rating is technically not a measure of attractiveness, but a measure of “desirability,” – because it's not determined simply by your profile photo. “It's not just how many people swipe right on you,” he said. “It's very complicated.

What percent of guys get matches on Tinder? ›

The average match rate for guys on Tinder is about 1 in 10. So, if a guy swipes right 100 times, he'd typically get 10 matches. However, this isn't just a matter of blindly swiping right - you also need to be selective and not too picky.

Does Tinder punish you for resetting? ›

Resetting your Tinder account can get you shadowbanned, especially if you delete it then try to recreate it a few minutes later. (Classic bot behavior.) When you're shadowbanned, the app seems normal to you, but no one else can see you. So you won't be getting any matches.

What is the 3 month rule on Tinder? ›

Open Tinder and create your new account. You'll need a new phone number to sign up, unless you wait 3 months in between deleting your Tinder and creating a new one. If you don't wait, it will need to be a number you've never used for Tinder before and that you can access to get the SMS verification codes.

What is Tinder soft reset? ›

So to perform a soft reset of Tinder, simply close out the application, then swipe it away from your recent apps menu to ensure it's not running in the background.

Do guys swipe on every girl on Tinder? ›

New research shows that men tend to like most profiles on Tinder, while women only swipe right on the people they're actually attracted to. We asked men on the dating app why they'll swipe right for just about anyone.

How do I find out if my partner is cheating on Tinder? ›

If you don't have a friend with Tinder:

Open Tinder up on your phone or computer – you won't need to log in. Enter either your partner's phone number or email into the “forgotten password” section. There should then be a confirmation whether this is an existing account on their records or not.

Does anyone on Tinder want a relationship? ›

An actual relationship is possible to achieve via Tinder. Although it may be rare and only few really say that they met on Tinder, it's definitely possible. Sometimes Tinder is just a stepping stone for people to meet likeminded individuals and there is always that rare unicorn on Tinder who's there looking for love.

What are the dangers of Tinder? ›

Victims of Dating App Scams

Sometimes, sexual assault can occur. Even financial exploitation can victimize someone who uses a dating app. If you're the victim of dating app dangers, you may start to wonder if there's a way to hold the dating app accountable for what happens to you.

What is forbidden on Tinder? ›

We do not tolerate violent, graphic, or gory content on Tinder, or any actions or content that advocate for or threaten violence of any sort, including threatening or promoting terrorism. Physical assault, coercion, and any acts of violence are strictly prohibited.

Is being on a dating app while married cheating? ›

Now it's possible to become involved with someone other than your spouse or partner by hooking up online. But while it may seem innocent enough—after all, you aren't in physical contact—online cheating really is just that: cheating.

Which dating apps do girls message first? ›

Today, Bumble serves over 42 million users worldwide—with women making the first move. On Bumble, only women can message first with their matches, and if there's no response, the message disappears within 24 hours.

How do you spot a creep on a dating app? ›

Dating App Red Flags: 10 Ways To Tell If He's A Keeper Or A...
  1. They have little information about themselves on their profile. ...
  2. They didn't put much thought or effort into their photos. ...
  3. It doesn't seem like they even read your profile. ...
  4. They don't really have anything interesting to say.
May 25, 2020

Who is the dating app killer? ›

Khalil Wheeler-Weaver murdered three women in New Jersey. Now, he's also accused of killing a teenage girl from Newark, prosecutors said.

How to seduce a girl on Tinder? ›

On Tinder, make polite and casual conversation, then wait for cues on her end that this is a casual hookup situation. If she's into it, she'll probably try to give you the green light in a way that won't leave you wondering. If she's really up for getting together—or even just dirty phone stuff—she will indicate this.

What is the best first message on Tinder? ›

You can try a light-hearted question, a funny pick-up line, a flirty compliment, or a simple hello. The key is choosing a Tinder first message that matches your personality and also reflects the tone of the person's profile with who you matched.

How do girls make the first move on Tinder? ›

25 Do's and Don'ts for Starting a Conversation on Tinder
  1. Do Compliment a Photo. But don't be weird about it! ...
  2. Don't Start With “Hey” Sigh. ...
  3. Do Send Something Flirty. ...
  4. Don't Wait for Them to Make the First Move. ...
  5. Do Ask About What They're Into. ...
  6. Don't Be Overly Aggressive. ...
  7. Do Keep it Simple. ...
  8. Don't Wait Too Long to Reply.
Sep 21, 2021

Are shirtless pics good for Tinder? ›

While 90% of men feel like a shirtless selfie could help them get more dates, men who use them actually get 25% less matches. This might be because more than half of the women surveyed thought shirtless pictures are a sign of immaturity.

What kind of pictures do guys put on Tinder? ›

Outfits and grooming are key. Keep shirtless pics to a minimum, says Grosso, if you feature any at all. “Don't post too many selfies,” adds Shields. “A couple are fine, but take it easy, otherwise you come across narcissistic.”

What does a good male Tinder profile look like? ›

"Keep it short and sweet. Include a hobby or two, a quote from one of your favourite TV characters, what types of people you'd like to meet, or a fun fact. It's not a bad idea to show how strong your emoji game is, either. While an obscure reference may puzzle some, it could also help find you the perfect match."

Which country girls uses Tinder most? ›

Tinder statistics show that 7.8 million users are from the United States, followed by the U.K., which has 5 million users. Other countries with a high number of Tinder users include: Brazil. Spain.

What age uses Tinder the most? ›

Percentage of adults in the United States who use Tinder as of April 2020, by age group
CharacteristicUsage rate
2 more rows
Apr 28, 2022

Is Tinder easier for girls than guys? ›

While most women can easily find matches with men they're interested in, the app presents a much more challenging environment for men. This difference is most evident in swiping patterns. While women swipe more than men overall, they are far more selective when doing so.

How many matches do attractive men get? ›

The average match rate for guys on Tinder is about 1 in 10. So, if a guy swipes right 100 times, he'd typically get 10 matches. However, this isn't just a matter of blindly swiping right - you also need to be selective and not too picky.

Should I smile in Tinder photo? ›

According to the study results, it's best to smile without showing your teeth (you're 43 percent more likely to receive a like than your teeth-baring counterparts), look at the camera, and pose by yourself. (Guys, this why you should always smile.)

How many likes does a normal guy get on Tinder? ›

If you're a guy, for instance, you're probably getting more like 50 Likes per 12 hours. And if you've been guilty of right-swiping on everyone, it may be even less. All in all, it varies user-to-user. Tinder Likes depend on your age, location, gender, and other various secret factors that Tinder doesn't disclose.

How many people on Tinder are men? ›

Tinder MAU user ratio in the U.S. 2021, by gender

During the measured period, it was found by App Ape that male users accounted for 76 percent of the dating app's active user accounts on the Android platform.

Does Tinder work for average guys? ›

“While most women can get matches easily even when they are highly selective, the majority of men must temper their expectations. The data also tells us that some men will likely struggle to get a date on Tinder even after thousands of swipes and many months trying,” Gerrard and Bø say.

Who is the most popular man on Tinder? ›

Stefan Pierre-Tomlin, from London, was crowned the most popular man on Tinder after more than 14,600 people swiped right for him in just two years as reported in The Daily… The most sought-after man on Tinder has found love in lockdown after ditching the popular dating app to start a romance with his model friend.

What are the unspoken rules of Tinder? ›

8 Unwritten Rules Of Engagement On Tinder
  • DO NOT. ...
  • Get on Tinder to Make Friends.
  • Have Inanimate Objects in Your Profile Picture.
  • Put No Solo Pictures of Yourself.
  • Put Your BBM Pin/ Snapchat ID in Your Description.
  • ***** Grammar.
  • Tell Your Life Story Within the First Three Minutes of Conversation.
  • Give One Word Responses.
Jan 24, 2015

What happens if you swipe left too much on Tinder? ›

The article, "What will happen to my Tinder results if I always swipe left?" on Slate magazine states that the more you swipe left, the more people you'll see who are not your type. This is because Tinder's algorithm takes into account how often you swipe left.

How long does a Tinder profile stay active after you delete the app? ›

How long does your Tinder stay active after you delete it? If you've deleted the app, your profile will still exist online. However, the less you use Tinder the less you appear in people's searchers. According to Tinder, if your account has been inactive for more than 7 days, you won't be visible at all.

How long should first Tinder date last? ›

A: If you're meeting someone for the first time from an online dating site, it should always just be for drinks or coffee. Something casual to get to know each other. As for the length, it's usually about an hour. If you're having a good time, though, obviously you'll want to stay longer and perhaps order some food.

How do you break Tinder algorithm? ›

The more “things you do” the more the algorithm likes you.
  1. Changing your profile bio regularly to show you're active.
  2. Messaging people daily to confirm you actually engage with your matches.
  3. Opening the app every day to swipe a few times.
  4. Using your free daily “super” like (or 5 if you pay for Tinder Gold).
Oct 25, 2022

How many Tinder dates is too many? ›

“The grass can seem greener but it ultimately means unsuccessful dates. If you aren't getting to know each person you'll never know if it might work out.” He advises that anything more than two first dates a week is probably too many.

Does Tinder reset after 3 months? ›

After about three months, Tinder removes the data from deleted accounts. So if you delete your account on January 1st and create a new account on April 2nd (using your old email and Facebook), then Tinder forgets all about your past.

What is Tinder surge? ›

“During a Swipe Surge, activity is up to 15x higher,” according to a press release. “And with that many more people at the party, your match-making potential is increased by 250 percent, which means you'll also spark up a new convo with a cutie 33 percent faster.”

Can you rematch with someone you unmatched on Tinder? ›

When you umatch someone, you'll disappear from their match lis and they'll disappear from yours. Unfortunately, unmatching is a permanent action that cannot be undone.

How do you trick Tinder GPS? ›

How to Fake GPS for Tinder on Android Device
  1. Open your device's “Settings” > “About” > “Build Number”, tap rapidly on Build Number to activate the Developer Mode.
  2. Find “simulated locations” or “allow mock locations” option and switch it on for the fake GPS app you have installed.
Dec 30, 2022

How do you max out your Elo on Tinder? ›

There are two different ways to increase your ELO score:
  1. Be pickier.
  2. Get more right swipes on your profile.

Is there a way to get more likes on Tinder without paying? ›

Some of these did work for a short time, but Tinder has put an end to them. None of the previously known hacks still work. The only real way to get unlimited Likes is to buy one of Tinder's paid upgrades: Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, or Tinder Platinum.

How to get Tinder Gold for free? ›

To access it, you just have to go to your Tinder profile's settings and look for the “Gold” feature. Here, you can view the benefits of getting a Tinder Gold iOS/Android account and tap on the “Free Trial” or “Upgrade to Gold” option.

Can you use a VPN to trick Tinder? ›

Tinder users can't use any common VPN service because of Tinder's system of pinpointing geographical location through GPS. They must use GPS spoofing VPNs in order to disguise their physical location.

Can you search for people on Tinder? ›

Are You Able to Search for People on Tinder? While many people wish that there was a search bar embedded into the app, unfortunately we can not search for someone directly on Tinder.

Does Tinder rank your attractiveness? ›

How does Tinder work out how desirable (read: hot) you are? Using a so-called “ELO” system, inspired by how chess players are ranked (yes, really!). It's pretty simple: if people swipe right on you, your desirability score goes up, and it goes down if people instead give your profile a pass.

How many matches do most guys get on Tinder? ›

The average match rate for guys on Tinder is about 1 in 10. So, if a guy swipes right 100 times, he'd typically get 10 matches. However, this isn't just a matter of blindly swiping right - you also need to be selective and not too picky.

Does Unmatching hurt your Tinder score? ›

I can say that if you're a popular person on tinder in your area, popular would be a person with atleast a 1000 matches, so if you get a lot of matches then don't unmatch people let them stay in your profile, if they unmatch then it's fine but if you unmatch then it will hurt your rating.

Why am I getting no matches on Tinder all of a sudden? ›

One or a few matches disappeared

If only one or even a few of your matches have disappeared, they've most likely ended the match or deleted their Tinder account. If they deleted their account and decide to come back to Tinder, you may see that person reappear in your card stack.

How many likes does the average girl get on Tinder? ›

Average Tinder likes for a girl

Tinder typically allows girls over 50 likes per day. Why do women come out on top? They're more selective. Tinder's algorithm determines the like limit on users.

Why am I getting no likes at all on Tinder? ›

If you're getting no likes on Tinder, your profile (picture, bio, and preferences) probably isn't optimized. Swiping too much, being inactive, and avoiding premium features are common mistakes that keep you from getting likes.

Is Tinder free for a girl? ›

Tinder is free, but you can pay for extra features — here's what you can unlock from the dating app.

How do you get secret admirers on Tinder? ›

Secret Admirer lets you choose between four people who've already Liked you. Select a hidden profile card and we'll reveal one of your Secret Admirers! Check out their profile and decide whether or not you want to connect. If you Like them back, it's an instant match!

Is Tinder worth without gold? ›

You do not need Tinder Gold to get matches, nor are you guaranteed more matches if you pay. Your profile might be seen a bit more, and you'll be able to see who swipes right on you immediately, but nothing about Tinder Gold promises to make your profile more appealing to women.


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