The top 10 best paid survey sites in the UK 2023 - Household Money Saving (2023)

Are you looking for the top 10 best paid survey sites in the UK? Well, there are plenty of online survey companies to choose from and quite simply, nobody has time to join them all. So, I’ve written this handy review of the sites that will pay the most for your time. Every one of these sites I use each week to help top up my income.

The top 10 best paid survey sites in the UK 2023 - Household Money Saving (1)

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Online surveys for money in the UK – 10 of the best

  1. Branded Surveys
  2. Prolific
  3. Ipsos iSay
  4. Y Live
  5. YouGov
  6. OnePoll
  7. Panelbase
  8. OnePulse
  9. Swagbucks
  10. Qmee

Online surveys that pay cash or in vouchers

I know many of us think about it, but how do you go about earning extra money in your spare time? Well, one great way is by completing online surveys. Okay, so it won’t make you rich, but in 2020, they contributed to me making an extra £8,500.

Now, what would you do with an extra £8,500? Don’t ask me because I spent 2020 sitting indoors for obvious reasons. But, my plan is to put this money I earn towards a holiday each year and, rather boringly, towards retirement.

My favourite feature of survey sites is that they don’t just restrict you from earning from home. Many now have apps, which means you can earn extra cash during your daily commute or standing outside the school gates.

The best online surveys to make money in the UK

However, after several years of experience, I’ve learned that some survey sites are far better than others. But how do you know which are legitimate sites and which are just scams? Well, to save you time from having to look through all my reviews across my site (50+), I have listed my top ten in order of preference.

Please note that I am based in the U.K. However, several of these sites are also available to survey hunters from the U.S.

And also note that, unlike other sites that claim to tell you the best-paid survey sites, mine is genuine. You see, some people only recommend a survey site because they are paid a commission. And a lot of sites pay a big commission because, quite frankly, they’re terrible. 4 of the sites I list below will earn me nothing if you join (2, 4, 6, and 8 in case you’re wondering).

But a few questions you may have before we get started…

Can you actually make money from surveys?

Yes, you can. You will struggle to make a full-time income, but you can easily earn several hundred pounds per month without too much effort. It’s just a case of finding the right survey sites for you. If you take a look at my income reports, you can see that I often make over £500 per month.

(The image at the top of the post shows snippets from some of my earnings).

How much do the best survey sites pay?

The best sites pay in the region of £10 – £15 per hour, but there’s no hard and fast rule. How much you can earn from a survey depends on various factors, such as how long the survey takes, which company is paying you, and how unique your opinion is. For example, a survey looking for answers from females aged 18-60 won’t pay as much as a survey looking for female engineers aged 30.

Some sites pay you as little as 10 pence for each survey. This might not sound great, but it usually takes a few seconds. At the other end of the scale, I have been invited to online focus groups after a short survey that pays £100 for 2 hours.

The best paid survey sites

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at my top 10 for all serious survey takers. Remember, the more sites you join, the better the chance you have to earn. But you probably don’t want to sign up for all of them straight off because it takes a bit of time, so why not join the first few and bookmark this page to visit later?

1. Branded Surveys

The top 10 best paid survey sites in the UK 2023 - Household Money Saving (2)

This site makes my number 1 spot for a few reasons. There are far more surveys here compared to nearly every other site, giving you plenty of opportunities to earn. And unlike some other sites that offer lots of surveys, these pay quite well.

Not only that but complete more surveys and you have a chance of being awarded bonus points for finishing top of the leaderboard. This can considerably boost how much you earn.

And my favourite benefit is that you receive a small compensation if you are screened out of a survey. Very few survey sites offer this and it’s nice to know that your time isn’t wasted.

You can withdraw your money through gift cards or you can choose PayPal if you fancy cash. It’s important to note that Branded Surveys is a site that pays into your PayPal in $, but this can be converted when you withdraw to your bank.

Pros: Plenty of surveys. Chances to earn bonus points as you compete against others.

Cons: Rewards can vary wildly between surveys.

And, use the link below and you’ll get 100 points ($1), just for joining!

>>>Join Branded Surveys<<<

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2. Prolific

The top 10 best paid survey sites in the UK 2023 - Household Money Saving (3)

This used to be my number one choice. It’s probably the best-paid survey site out there. However, as it has become more popular over the years and spaces are limited for surveys, you can go weeks without earning anything. And in March 2022, Prolific had become so popular that they introduced a waitlist for new participants.

The surveys here are usually created by lecturers and students at universities. The great thing is, they often receive grants to write these surveys. This means that the money they pay to you isn’t theirs, which often makes them more generous.

The minimum pay for this site is £5 per hour, but I find that most surveys pay far more than this. Some will even pay you a bonus if you perform well, or extra if you complete a set number of surveys over several weeks. I even had one survey that paid the equivalent of over £80 per hour, although that is quite rare.

The money you make will be paid into your PayPal account. There’s a minimum withdrawal limit of £5 and it takes a few days to reach your account if you’re a new member. If you’re a more established Prolific user, it will reach you instantly.

Pros: Well paid surveys and generally very interesting.

Cons: You have to be quick as spaces are limited and fill up quickly. The waitlist means it could be a while before you start earning.

>>>Join Prolific<<<

3. Ipsos iSay

The top 10 best paid survey sites in the UK 2023 - Household Money Saving (4)

Another must-have site. This survey site isn’t quite as well paid as the above two or Y Live, but it comes with a big advantage – the chance to test products. Although this isn’t a weekly thing, I have had the chance to test all manner of products such as chocolate, alcohol, biscuits and fabric conditioner. And, I get paid on top too.

The top 10 best paid survey sites in the UK 2023 - Household Money Saving (5)

I have even been invited to join focus groups. These pay far more than usual surveys and can earn you up to £60 per hour, just for taking part in a video call.

You’ll usually receive several surveys per day, which will reward you with points. These points can then be swapped for vouchers (such as Amazon) or you can choose a pre-paid debit card if you would prefer cash.

Pros: Steady number of surveys each month. Decent pay and a chance to test products.

Cons: You can be screened out of quite a few surveys, even though you’ve received an invite.

>>>Ipsos iSay<<<

4. Y Live

The top 10 best paid survey sites in the UK 2023 - Household Money Saving (6)

This site is actually better paying than the other sites on this list, but only makes it to 4th spot.

What stops Y Live (formerly known as PopulusLive) from making the top 3 is the infrequency of surveys. Some months, I have made just a few pounds, whilst others I have made well over £30. Y Live will send you a link to a survey when they think you meet the right demographic. Apart from that, it’s just a case of sitting and waiting.

And even if you are sent a survey, you’re not guaranteed to qualify. In some cases, you can still be screened out – even after 5 minutes. And there’s nothing more frustrating in the survey world than being thrown out of a survey after answering a load of questions.

In real terms, the pay works out at around £12 per hour and most of the surveys can be completed from your phone or on a computer.

Once you reach £50, you will be paid the following month by bank transfer. You can opt for a cheque, although that is a lot slower.

Pros: Very well-paid survey site.

Cons: The number of surveys you receive each month changes dramatically. Difficult to guarantee an income.

5. YouGov

The top 10 best paid survey sites in the UK 2023 - Household Money Saving (7)

This is a similar site to Y Live, although you only get paid around half the amount. But don’t let that put you off as the surveys are quite interesting and often used in national papers.

Surveys don’t come along as often as I like, but they appear more regularly than PopulusLive. Again, you will be paid by bank transfer once you reach £50, usually within a few days.

You can earn extra each week by allowing the YouGov site to have access to the programmes you have watched on streaming services like Netflix and see what you have browsed on the internet. But this is completely voluntary.

YouGov also has an app that gives you another way to earn. The ‘Direct’ part of the app (separate from the main YouGov site) offers short surveys from major brands. Once you reach £1, you can withdraw directly to your bank.

I’ve never received any products to test, but occasionally get paid to watch a TV show, which can be a lot of fun.

Pros: Interesting surveys, with the results used in major publications. A steady stream of surveys each month.

Cons: Doesn’t pay as well as some of the other sites

>>>Join Yougov<<<

6. OnePoll

The top 10 best paid survey sites in the UK 2023 - Household Money Saving (8)

Not as well paid as some sites above, but I love OnePoll. Generally, the surveys only pay about between 10-30p. That may sound a little hard going, but some of the surveys take just seconds to complete. This site is great for people who are short on time or those on the constant move as you can complete surveys from your phone too.

You will sometimes be invited to take part in in-person interviews or videos. These are quite short and can pay up to £100. The downside is, a lot of them take place in London, so you need to be willing to travel.

Your earnings are paid straight into your bank account but can take around a month to arrive.

And, you earn £2.50 just for joining!

Pros: Quick and easy surveys. Can complete from anywhere.

Cons: It will take a while to get to your first payout. The app can be a little buggy.

>>>Join OnePoll<<<

If you like the idea of making money from your phone, why not take a look at some of the best paying apps?

7. Panelbase

The top 10 best paid survey sites in the UK 2023 - Household Money Saving (9)

This site pays you just for signing up! Panelbase normally sends you between 2 or 3 surveys every day. Like Ipsos iSay, you will occasionally strike it lucky, be chosen to test a product, and get paid for the privilege!This is usually something like a new kind of cereal or chocolate bar, but it’s always interesting to try.

You can also be invited to focus groups or complete long-term studies, both of which pay very well.

Pros: Interesting surveys and a good rate of pay.

Cons: Another site that can screen you out of surveys, even if you’ve received an invite.

Click on the button below and get £3 just for joining.

>>>Join Panelbase<<<

8. OnePulse

The top 10 best paid survey sites in the UK 2023 - Household Money Saving (10)

This is only available through an app on your phone. OnePulse offers two types of surveys, those that pay cash and those that reward you with XP. And as your XP increases, you receive more cash when you complete a paid survey. Although the pay is relatively low (around 25 pence), surveys only take a few seconds. This is a good little earner for very little effort.

You can withdraw your earnings to PayPal once you reach $20 (you are actually paid in $). Your money should arrive instantly, but you can only withdraw once per month.

Pros: For the time spent answering questions, probably the best paid survey site out there.

Cons: For mobile only. You have to be very quick to answer, as spaces are limited.

If you want to download the app, then Apple users click here

Android users click here

The top 10 best paid survey sites in the UK 2023 - Household Money Saving (11)

9. Swagbucks

The top 10 best paid survey sites in the UK 2023 - Household Money Saving (12)

Possibly one of the biggest sites out there. There are lots of positive reviews out there, but this is partly because Swagbucks has quite a generous referral scheme, and people want you to join, so they get paid!

Swagbucks isn’t just a survey site – there are plenty of other ways to earn too. In fact, you need to be selective in the surveys you complete, as some pay quite badly. But once you come to terms with the site and take advantage of its special offers and games, you can earn a decent amount. And convince your friends to join and you earn 10% of all their future earnings!

There are many gift cards to choose from to withdraw your earnings, or you can choose PayPal. It usually takes around five working days to receive your money/card.

Pros: Plenty of earning opportunities, not just restricted to surveys.

Cons: Surveys are poorly paid compared to the other sites on this list.

>>>Join Swagbucks<<<

10. Qmee

The top 10 best paid survey sites in the UK 2023 - Household Money Saving (13)

New to my list is Qmee. This is a site where you can earn from your computer or an app on your phone. Pay for each survey varies greatly, so make sure you’re picky. However, complete surveys six days in a row, and you receive 10% extra.

Another site that gives you a choice between gift cards and cash. If you opt for cash, you can withdraw money to your PayPal account anytime.

And you’ll get 50 pence just for joining.

Pros: Always plenty of surveys, and there’s an app for your phone to use.

Cons: You need to be choosy, as there are some poorly paid surveys.

>>>Join Qmee<<<

A few tips to make more from online paid surveys

Join multiple sites. The best-paying survey providers don’t usually have a long list for you to complete, so being able to check different sites gives you better-earning potential.

Some of the sites below will send you an email invite to inform you when a new survey is available. Many have limited space, so try to complete them as soon as possible.

Keep your profile up-to-date as much as you can. This reduces the chance of you being sent surveys that you won’t actually qualify for.

Don’t spend ages trawling sites for surveys to complete. If there aren’t any decent ones there, you’ll end up working for less than you should.

Keep going. Because everybody’s profile is different, it will take you a while to find your preferred sites and which ones pay you the most. Don’t think that within the first week that you will be earning £100’s. But give it some time, and you should be on your way to making a decent extra income.

Are paid surveys safe?

As long as you keep to the established and genuine survey sites, you should never have an issue. And remember, it’s your information. If you don’t feel comfortable with sharing something, don’t. I rarely share my postcode, address or name – only if it’s for a long-term project that pays well.

And if in doubt, create a new email account. You can pop over to Outlook and create an email address in minutes. If you’re worried about spam, it will be kept away from your main account. However, I am a member of all the sites below and never had any issues.

Do you have to declare the income?

You can make up to £1,000 online annually as anextra income without declaring it to HMRC. Any more than this, and you will need to fill out a self-assessment each year.

Don’t let your earnings sit in your account though

If you’re saving up for something, leaving any money you earn in your survey account is very tempting. That way, you’re less likely to spend it. But, there is no protection and if something would happen to the survey company, you will lose all your earnings.

And some survey companies have a habit of freezing accounts if they think you aren’t completing their surveys honestly. Fortunately, I’ve not heard of any problems with the sites below.

Look out for fakes

Fortunately, this isn’t a particularly big problem, but something you need to be mindful of. If a survey company asks you for money to join, don’t. This is more than likely a scam and there’s never a need to pay.

Also, be careful of survey companies that like to move the ‘goalposts’. I have heard of instances where people have almost reached the point of cashing out, only to find that they need to earn even more points. If this happens, you must think carefully about whether you should try to reach the new target or give in.

Which paid survey sites are legitimate in the UK?

  1. Branded Surveys
  2. Prolific Academic
  3. Panelbase
  4. Y Live
  5. YouGov
  6. OnePoll
  7. Ipsos iSay
  8. OnePulse
  9. Swagbucks
  10. Qmee

Well, that’s a list of my top 10 best paid survey sites. I’m forever joining new sites, so I will update this page occasionally if I find something better. If you know of any other sites, please let me know below.

My advice would be not to sign-up for just one survey site. The more you belong to, the better chance you have to earn money. And if you think a survey is too long for the amount they pay you… don’t do it!

Take a look at how I earned over £1,000 worth of free Amazon gift cards last year.

Or, why not see the best survey apps available?


How do online surveys pay?

This depends on the survey site. Most pay either through PayPal or by bank transfer. Some will offer the option of gift cards instead.

Are online surveys worth doing?

Yes. They are a great way to boost your income.

Do online surveys actually pay?

Yes, they do. It may seem like a little too good to be true. But you can earn from the comfort of your own home or from your phone when you’re out and about.

Do surveys for money work?

They certainly do. As long as you choose the survey sites you work for wisely, you will be able to make a steady income.

Will survey sites send me spam?

I have been a member of all of the sites above for well over 3 years and none of them has sent me spam emails. Yet. But, I would suggest that you create a 2nd email address which you use just for online money-making.

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