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I think traveling is thebestthing in the world.

Nothing beats exploring new cities or watching the sunset from a new viewpoint.

Meandering a local market and stuffing your face with new & exciting food!

The one part of traveling I don’t like is the price of plane tickets.

Sure, there are great sites like Skyscanner & Secret Flying.

They help you find the cheapest flights to some of your favorite destinations.

Butthey do not always find a great deal for every place you want to go to.

With over 370 commercial airports in the United States

There is a huge number of potential destinations. Airports like Honolulu International are (not surprisingly) very expensive to fly into, but if you can be flexible with your trip you can find some really good deals out there.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 cheapest airports to fly into in the United States right now.

The Cheapest Airports To Fly Into In The United States 2022 (Updated February 2023) - The Travelling House Sitters Professional Housesitting Services (1)

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The Cheapest Airport To Fly Into In The United States

Airport Ranking


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The Cheapest Airports To Fly Into In The United States 2022 (Updated February 2023) - The Travelling House Sitters Professional Housesitting Services (2)
First Place

Portland International Airport (PDX)

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The Cheapest Airports To Fly Into In The United States 2022 (Updated February 2023) - The Travelling House Sitters Professional Housesitting Services (3)
Second Place

Denver International Airport (DEN)

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The Cheapest Airports To Fly Into In The United States 2022 (Updated February 2023) - The Travelling House Sitters Professional Housesitting Services (4)
Third Place

Tampa International Airport (TPA)

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The Cheapest Airports To Fly Into In The United States – Full List

Portland International Airport (PDX)

  • Location:Portland, Oregon.
  • Average Domestic Fair:$324

Portland International is a fantastic destination for those trying to save money. It also holds the title of America’s Best Airport by Travel + Leisure magazine.

Not only in 2017 but dating all the way back to 2013. That’s impressive.

The airport has great links to downtown Portland with a light rail connecting to 97 stations in the city.

Not only is it the number 1 of the cheapest airports to fly into. They have a movie theatre, live performers, art exhibitions and other entertainment.

You can’t get bored here! Great for those who have some time to kill before a flight. They also have free WIFI throughout all terminals.

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Denver International Airport (DEN)

  • Airport Location:Denver, Colorado
  • Average Domestic Fare:$312

Denver International Airport is the largest airport in the United States.

It also claims the title of the longest public-use runway in the United States. There is over 370 daily departures to around 140 destinations worldwide. That results in a massive 58 million passengers per year.

Denver International Airport has lots of artwork. Lots of which has been the centre of conspiracy theories. Definitely, an interesting way to spend a few hours on a layover. What to save even more? You can do house sitting for free rent all around the US! So you can save on flights as well as accommodation.

Dog lovers will have a great time at Denver International Airport. A pet resort includes a boarding facility, pet massage facility and an outdoor area. Perfect for your little fury friend can have a run or do their business before the flight.

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Tampa International Airport (TPA)

  • Airport Location:Tampa, Florida.
  • Average Domestic Fare:$312

Tampa International Airport is by no means the biggest airport in the US. This makes it a little surprising to make it only the cheapest airport to fly into list.

TPA takes the top position in the J.D Power Airport Satisfaction Rankings for large airports in 2017. Impressive.

Not only is Tampa International one of the cheapest in the USA. It is home to a sleeping/ quiet area, a well-stocked library, and all the travel services you could ever need.

Not to mention well-stocked amenities to keep you looking and feeling your best.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX)

  • Airport Location:Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Average Domestic Fare:$327

Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport is one of the largest airports in the US. It serves a massive 43 million passengers per year.

The airport also claims one of the top 4 spots in the North American Airport Satisfaction Study 2017.

The cool thing about this airport is the amount of artwork in its terminals. The terminals house 900 works. Ranging from metal and ceramic sculptures to oil and acrylic paintings.

These works are part of the Phoenix Museum and house works by some of Arizona’s most renowned artists.

McCarran International Airport (LAS)

  • Airport Location:Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Average Domestic Fare:$227

You wouldn’t expect to find Las Vegas on the list of the cheapest airports to fly into.

Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport sees over 47 million passengers per year.

Those passengers come in via 31 major airlines from within the US and abroad.

If you can’t wait to get to the casino floors McCarran International has over 1300 slot machines. What better way to see the time go by than maybe getting money back for a free flight?

McCarran International has a good secret up its sleeve. Its not quite counting cards, but it is quite a tricky move. Instead of using bar codes, they use small copper microchips when checking in luggage.

Accuracy has risen from 80% to over 99% since implementing this technology.

What is even cooler is that only a handful of airports throughout the world have this technology. How cool would it be if this technology gets adopted by lots more airports throughout the world?

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL)

  • Airport Location:Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Average Domestic Fare:$241

Last on our list of the cheapest airports to fly into is Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood. It is the perfect airport for plane watching. It has three great viewing platforms situated throughout the airport.

My favorite is the Hibiscus Garage Viewing Area. A fantastic platform where you get a birds-eye view over the whole airport. Very interesting to watch the day-to-day running of the airport.

FLL is also one of the only airports anywhere (that I am aware of) that offers a luggage storage service. Perfect for going to watch the planes take off, or checking out the rest of the airport’s activities.

They also offer a baggage wrapping service which is second to none. For the small price of $15 they will wrap your bag.

This is not like a normal wrapping service. This wrap comes with a guarantee that your luggage will not get damaged or lost. That’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

How To Get Cheaper Business Class Tickets?

Everyone wants to know what its like to fly business or even first class.

There are other ways than collecting credit card points. So we have put together the steps forhow to get cheaper business class tickets. That way you can gfee like a boss when you travel for next to nothing!

We hope this list of the cheapest airports to fly into in the US helps you save some money on your next trip.

Just like the US, Europe has some really budget-friendly options. We have found this is more prevalent in Europe as they are a lot smaller airlines.

These airlines all have a base and need to fly regularly!

So before you plan your trip make sure you find out ​thecheapest city to fly into Europe!

Happy travels!

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