Swipe Left or Right: Tinder Expert Explains The Art of Swiping (2023)

Tinder equals swiping.

But should you swipe left or right?

The consequences of this repetitive, tiny decision can be more grave than you might think.

You get:

  • When to swipe left and when to swipe right
  • How your current swiping pattern is cockblocking you (RIP ELO)
  • 4 Tinder trap profiles you should never swipe right
  • What to text after you swiped right and it’s a match (steal my opener)
  • How to undo a like on Tinder
  • 2 Tinder icebreakers for you to steal
  • One rule to live by before swiping ANYONE right.

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On dating apps, a swipe left means you’re not interested in the person. A swipe right means you ARE interested. However, these swipes left or right have a way bigger impact on your dating success than you know. In this article you’ll find out why, and how to optimize your swiping.

#1: What does swiping right mean? How does it work?

Swiping right means TWO things.

  1. When you put your finger on your screen and swipe it to the right, you have swiped right. In the same sense that you swipe left when you slide your finger leftwards.

Swipe Left or Right: Tinder Expert Explains The Art of Swiping (1)

That’s the literal meaning.

  1. Whenever you swipe left or right, you’re sending data to the dating app you are using. This data will partly decide whether or not your dating profile becomes successful. More on that further down the article.

And NO. The other person does NOT know whether you swipe left or right on Tinder or on any other dating app. General exception being that if they already swipe YOU right, then they obviously will know, since you now have a match.

Swiping is the core action on dating apps. Few men realize how much impact every swipe has on their dating success. And that’s exactly why many men never truly find the love they are looking for.

More on that in a bit. First let’s see when you should swipe right on Tinder.

#2: How to decide if someone is worth swiping?

This question might seem too obvious to ask.

But it isn’t.

Because as I just said in the last tip:

Each and every one of your swipes, decides what your dating app adventure will look like.

See, a swipe right tells the app: I like this girl. I am open to the opportunity of meeting her.

This means we can instantly break an old myth:

Should you swipe right on everyone on Tinder?

NO, no you shouldn’t.

Doing so will tell the app:

I am willing to meet and date literally A N Y O N E. I have ZERO standards. In fact, if there’s a pile of cow dung on the app, than I’d still date it.

So, how do you decide if someone is worth swiping?

The obvious answer: If you’d ACTUALLY want to meet them.

The more complex answer:

If you’d ACTUALLY date them if you knew what they are truly like.

Obviously, it’s hard to know them. You can guess what their personality is like, based on their profile text and photos. But both can be misleading in many ways.

Swipe Left or Right: Tinder Expert Explains The Art of Swiping (2)The maker of this meme doesn’t seem to care about offending people.
But his meme holds truth.

More on these pitfalls in Tip #4.

But first, tip numéro 3.

#3: Can you undo a swipe right on Tinder ?


You can.

But you can only undo your last swipe on Tinder.

For example, if you just realized that three swipes ago you shouldn’t have swiped your coworker to the right… then you’re too late.

Not only that, you also need to subscribe to one of Tinder’s premium services to use this function.

That is if you have the Rewind function which is part of Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold.

On dating app Badoo, the rewind button will disappear once you swipe right.

(Video) Tinder & the History of Swiping [Swipe Left or Right?]

On Bumble you’ll get this error message:

Swipe Left or Right: Tinder Expert Explains The Art of Swiping (3)

If you want to know if it is worth to get the Rewind on Tinder + a little rewind trick to use it best, then read on. I’ll cover those shortly.

#4: Should you swipe right on everyone on Tinder?

If you’re the goodest of boys and didn’t skip anything, then you already know this.

The answer is: no, you shouldn’t.

But what’s more important, is understanding WHY you shouldn’t. This way you’ll get a better understanding of Tinder’s algorithm and know how to get the most out of your Tinder experience.

Every swipe you make, left or right, influences your popularity on the dating app.

So next time you’re not sure whether you swipe right or left on Tinder, know this:

A swipe left tells the app: I’m not interested in this person.

A swipe right tells the app: I am interested in this person.

Based on all swipes you make, the app gets a really good idea about your standards, and the type of girl you like.

Features like Tinder Top Picks are based completely on your swiping behavior.

One thing is for sure: swiping right on everyone is DETRIMENTAL for your profile’s hidden attractiveness score.

Just how punishable it is to swipe LEFT too often, I am still unsure of.

My general advice to you, is to swipe genuinely.

See a girl you’d like to know more about? Swipe right.

See a girl that’s not your type? Swipe left.

To save yourself time and frustration, do mind some of these really common Tinder traps.

Looks are so easily manipulated in photos, here are some things to be weary of:

  • Profiles where every photo is almost identical (angle, zoom, …) Rest assured this woman is not remotely as attractive as you think she is.
  • Women that only use filters. Whether it’s the super over used and by now ancient dog filter or any other face-hiding or face-deforming filter: be careful. This woman is either hiding something or she’s just very insecure.
  • Another classic: the overexposed photo where your face is so bright that your nose becomes invisible. And should you not be aware: for some reason we’re all so much hotter without a nose.

Swipe Left or Right: Tinder Expert Explains The Art of Swiping (4)The good ol’ overexposure no nose trick.

  • Or the reverse of the “I only show zooms of my face”: The “I focus mainly on my body and my hella seductive curves so you forget about my face.” But let’s be honest, you probably couldn’t care and still swipe right, you dirty dog.

Another obvious indicator whether you should swipe left or right, is her bio. But then again, there’s only so much a cliché summing-up of common hobbies tells you.

  • Friends
  • Laughing
  • Movies
  • Fun
  • Travel

Oh really? You like things that every human on the planet likes?

This is part of the reason why I keep telling men to Show Don’t Tell in their Tinder profile pictures.

Show her through your photos the kind of fun things you do in life. Show her the vibe she can expect from you. And make her laugh with your bio, instead of listing factual blabla.

Anyway, I digress. Forgive me.

Back to the point: swiping left or right.

Time for another question that seems obvious, but really isn’t.

#5: How long can you keep swiping right on Tinder?

Wrong question to ask, my friend.

(Also I don’t consider you a friend until you subscribe to my YouTube channel and stroke my ego by liking my videos.)

The right question to ask is this one:

How long should you swipe right on Tinder?

And my answer would be that it depends.

It depends on where you are.

It depends on what time it is.

It depends on where you’ll go.

Also, do you have Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold? Or good ol vanilla Tinder?

If you have vanilla (free) Tinder, then you can like a maximum of +- 100 people per day.

(Video) 5 Women Explain Why They Swipe Left Or Right - Online Dating Experiment

Whatever version of Tinder you have, you can always reject as many people as you want.

Swipe Left or Right: Tinder Expert Explains The Art of Swiping (5)You when you feel power surge through your veins after rejection 1 billion people.

Anyway, what matters is this:

Don’t use your 100 right swipes.

Think of what the algorithm will think of you when you approve of 100 women every day.

Dear Tinder user, time to look up the word “standards”.

Here’s what you’ll do:

You’ll use Tinder a couple times a day, and swipe until you’ve found just a couple girls that you like.

Do this several times per day.

When you match someone, text them.

Don’t treat Tinder like Pokémon where you’re trying to collect as many as possible and just let most of them rot inside their pokébal without ever interacting with them.

Text them. Take initiative. Tinder will reward you for it.

#6: How to tell if someone swiped you right on Tinder

Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew who liked you so you could adjust your swiping strategy?

Guess what?

You can’t.

Unless if you want to pay for Tinder Gold, which has the See Who Likes You feature.

(A most useless feature for anyone that isn’t already killing it on Tinder.)

For anyone else, the only way to find out it by swiping them right and seeing if it’s a match.

With one exception: the Superlike.

Swipe Left or Right: Tinder Expert Explains The Art of Swiping (6)

Anyone who superliked you will appear with a shiny blue border around their profile.

Holy Tip:

If you’re about to Superlike someone while you have Tinder Plus or Gold…

…then don’t.

Instead give them a normal like.

If it’s not a match, then press Rewind and follow it up with a Superlike.

This way you’ll make sure not to waste any Superlikes on women that had already liked you anyway.

Btw, we’ve talked quite a bit about swiping left or right on Tinder. But I haven’t given you any tools to use once you DID swipe right, and have a Tinder match.

Let’s do that in the next tip.

#7: What to text after a match

I’ve got two great icebreakers for you.

One to make her giggle. And one to make her respond, completely overflowing with curiosity.

They’re openers that she hasn’t seen before. And they actually work.

Unlike all the recycled trash you see floating around the interwebs.

Don’t take my word for it, instead take it from random fellas from all over the world:

Swipe Left or Right: Tinder Expert Explains The Art of Swiping (7)My pleasure, bro.

The opener he is talking about is a bit of funky one.

It goes like this:


Holy F, you’re close. Wait, I’m going to hang out of the window and mimic the mating call of a pregnant golden eagle. Can you hear me?

And then, if you’ve matched a woman who understands how humor works, she’ll text something back like:

Wow. I heard it. It was beautiful.

My second opener is less funny.

In fact it’s about as funny as the feeling I had when I woke up hungover as hell on some cold winter day in 2011 next to a lady who weighed more than my bench, squat, and deadlift PR’s combined.

But… my opener works.

It doesn’t have to be funny because it plays a different game. A game well known to every good marketeer in the world. And that, my friend, is the game of curiosity.

It’s called my Clickbait Opener and it goes like this:

Swipe Left or Right: Tinder Expert Explains The Art of Swiping (8)

That’s pretty clever huh?

Wait what, you can’t see the opener?

Sucks to suck, mate.

Just kidding, relax. Just click here and you’ll get access to a secret video where I show you this exact screenshot + 6 other screenshot examples.

Bang bang!

Time for another Tinder tip for more success:

#8: Swipe tip from Tinder expert

In this tip you’ll find out WHEN and WHERE to swipe.

I know, it’s a tough pill to swallow when you find out you can’t just swipe whenever you take a dump.

Hate Tinder for it, not me.

Well actually, some people CAN get away with swiping only when they have to poop.

See, most people know that to be successful on Tinder, you need the app’s secret behind-the -scenes algorithm to like you.

What most people don’t know, is HOW to do this.

Because that HOW constantly changes.

In fact, Tinder has stopped using ELO ages ago and has moved on to more complex methods.

What I can tell you is that at the time of writing this, it’s more important than ever that you swipe right or left at the right time and in the right place.

You’ll be blessed with more matches if you swipe at peak hours, in busy places.

Because of very specific Tinder dynamics, there’s whole queues of men liking the same women.

The more recent likes will be higher up the stack. Which means she will see them sooner than the guys who liked her a few hours ago.

So to all you farmer boys: save your swiping for when you’re in the city center in the evening.

To all you city folk: you can keep swiping while pooping, as long as you poop between 6 and 10pm.

So yes, you should hold up your number two when you feel it wriggle around 4pm.

#9: Watch out for swiping too much

Time to tell you something you may not want to hear.

But it’s crucial to know if you’re really looking to meet a lovely lady.

Many men fall in a validation trap after they’ve been on the app for a while.

They get discouraged that most Tinder conversations don’t go as they wish…

…but they keep swiping left and right.

(Video) Swiping Guys' Tinder Profiles, Co-workers Reveal How Men Get Matches | Tinder Swap | New York Post

Because getting a match feels damn good.

That little trickle of dopamine never ceases to feel good.

But, these men are still discouraged. So they won’t text their new matches.

Instead, they let them sit on the bench for a while.

While our demoralized men keep swiping and swiping.

I completely understand this.

And I’ve been there many times.

But I won’t be quick to do it again.

Because here’s the problem:

Once you leave a match unattended for a while…

…she’ll lose interest at the speed of light. Times 69.

I recently purposely ignored 10 matches. After one month I texted all of them. I sent them decent Tinder openers, no shabby peasant openers. Guess how many got back to me?


One out of ten got back to me. And I was running the same quality profile as usual.

One out of ten. While usually about 8 out of ten would respond when opened right after matching.

That difference is HUGE.

And the lesson here is pretty clear. No need to spell it out once more.

But I’ll do it anyway because I have autism and want everything crystal clear:

Don’t swipe her right if you’re not planning on instantly texting her if it’s a match.

On to something that will help you convert your fresh matches into smooth conversations:

#10: Make a Tinder kid with my Tinder kit

I have a gift for you.

Actually it’s a second gift.

Depending on whether you found this article a gift.

Either way: I am going to give your online dating career a massive kickstart.

The first thing you’ll always need, is a good profile.

In comes my Dating Profile Checklist.

Fill in the blanks, improve your profile, get more matches.

  • 30+ questions to discover the strengths and weaknesses of your profile
  • Simple tips to instantly increase your
  • number of matches
  • Bonus: Profile breakdown video

Next you’ll need a solid opener for your new matches.

In comes my undefeated Clickbait Opener

Get the highest response rate of my 40 best openers

  • 7 Screenshot examples so you always know how to successfully start text convos
  • 2 Follow-up lines that reel her in further after the opener
  • No more short boring ice breakers that lead nowhere

And last but not least, you need lines to keep the conversation going and seal the deal.

That’s when you use some of my 10 Texts That Always Work.

Stop worrying about what to say. Steal my lines instead!

  • 10 Text examples that get fun reactions from girls
  • The best (non-needy) way to ask a cutie out
  • How to text a girl you’ve just met
  • 3 Fun ways to keep the conversation going
  • A line to get her number straight from Instagram

Stop struggling so much and get your online dating handled, son.

Click this link and download my free tools.


Louis Farfields

(Video) Swipe On Tinder With Me (Australian Boys)

And don't forget your download below ;)


Is swipe right or left good on Tinder? ›

Swipe right means to like or accept someone, while swipe left means to reject them. The meaning of these two phrases is basically Tinder's core mechanics. If both people swipe right on each other, they'll be matched up. However, it is quite common for two people not to match even if one of them swipes right.

Is there a downside to swiping right on Tinder? ›

Swiping right on Tinder could lead to unexpected results. Although it may get you a nice date, it could also suck you into a marketing ploy. While you might know all about avoiding fake profiles, your chances of matching with them are still pretty high.

How do you decide to swipe left or right? ›

“Swipe right” means to like or accept someone, while “swipe left” means to reject them. The meaning of these two phrases is taken from one of Tinder's core mechanics. When a person sees a profile on their Tinder feed, they can either swipe right to show their interest or swipe left if they're uninterested.

Does Tinder punish you for swiping left? ›

But swiping left doesn't really do anything other than getting you less potential matches.

What happens if you swipe right every time on Tinder? ›

Blindly swiping right makes us more prone to what psychologists have called the bias of reciprocal liking. Basically, this means that we are more inclined to like someone if we already know that they like us. Although seemingly nonproblematic, this bias can actually prevent us from finding a good match.

Does Tinder tell you when someone screenshots? ›

The answer is no, Tinder does not notify users when somebody takes a screenshot of their profile. This means that you can take screenshots freely without worrying about the person you are taking them of being notified. Of course, this also means that other users can take screenshots of your profile without you knowing.

What are the unspoken rules of Tinder? ›

8 Unwritten Rules Of Engagement On Tinder
  • DO NOT. ...
  • Get on Tinder to Make Friends.
  • Have Inanimate Objects in Your Profile Picture.
  • Put No Solo Pictures of Yourself.
  • Put Your BBM Pin/ Snapchat ID in Your Description.
  • ***** Grammar.
  • Tell Your Life Story Within the First Three Minutes of Conversation.
  • Give One Word Responses.
Jan 24, 2015

Do most guys swipe right on everyone? ›

New research shows that men tend to like most profiles on Tinder, while women only swipe right on the people they're actually attracted to. We asked men on the dating app why they'll swipe right for just about anyone.

Does Tinder get worse the more you swipe? ›

Even if there's no penalty in the algorithm, swiping right on every profile can clearly reduce the quality of matches that Tinder is able to provide. After all, Tinder's algorithm is unable to learn your preferences if you don't seem to have any at all.

What is the best swiping strategy on Tinder? ›

This process will hurt you if you have an okay or above-average profile, and the best way to maneuver it is to swipe right at a 1/10 ratio. In other words, for every ten hot girls that Tinder sends you, swipe right on one. This tells the app that you're picky and that it should only send you quality women.

Do girls swipe right first? ›

After a match has been created, what follows depends on the member's gender. On Bumble, women always Make the First Move in all modes. If they don't initiate a conversation within 24 hours, the connection expires. If you're unable to start a chat you can always continue swiping through other profiles.

Can you swipe too much on Tinder? ›

We can also guess that the algorithm rewards pickiness and disincentivizes people to swipe right too much. You're limited to 100 right swipes per day in Tinder, to make sure you're actually looking at profiles and not just spamming everyone to rack up random matches.

How many Tinder matches is a lot for a guy? ›

The average match rate for guys on Tinder is about 1 in 10. So, if a guy swipes right 100 times, he'd typically get 10 matches. However, this isn't just a matter of blindly swiping right - you also need to be selective and not too picky.

How many likes does the average girl get on Tinder? ›

Average Tinder likes for a girl

Tinder typically allows girls over 50 likes per day. Why do women come out on top? They're more selective. Tinder's algorithm determines the like limit on users.

Does Unmatching hurt your Tinder score? ›

I can say that if you're a popular person on tinder in your area, popular would be a person with atleast a 1000 matches, so if you get a lot of matches then don't unmatch people let them stay in your profile, if they unmatch then it's fine but if you unmatch then it will hurt your rating.

Will Tinder show you the same person twice? ›

You may see someone's profile again if they deleted their account and decided to come back, or if you've been swiping with poor network connection.

Does everyone you see on Tinder see you? ›

Ie will they see me on Tinder even though I've swiped left? Yes. The only way to eliminate all the people who have already swiped no is to purchase a gold account.

Who is the first person that comes up on Tinder? ›

Hot people come first (allegedly)

And if you think there's plenty more where those hotties came from, you're bound to keep swiping. These beautiful people haven't necessarily swiped right for you, but their profiles are there to lure lonely old you into thinking they COULD match you.

What does a red dot mean on Tinder? ›

The red dot on Tinder indicates that you have a new match. When you see the red dot, it means that someone has liked you and you have the opportunity to start chatting with them.

Why does Tinder say I missed a match? ›

It means that a person liked your profile and you swiped left on their profile indicating that you did not like them back. If you would have swiped right you would have matched with them. Follow my profile for more tips!

Does Tinder tell you when someone shares your profile? ›

Tinder does not notify users of screenshots.

What is rule 1 and 2 of Tinder? ›

The unwritten “Rule #1” for Tinder is to be attractive… and “Rule #2” is to NOT be unattractive. What's more, being attractive doesn't just mean looking good – it also means living an attractive lifestyle, one that's interesting, exciting, and meaningful.

What should you avoid on Tinder? ›

Avoid sharing details such as your children's names, where they go to school, or their ages or genders. Keep conversations on the Tinder platform while you're getting to know someone.

What are dos and don'ts of Tinder? ›

Here are her do's and don'ts for finding a valentine online. Don't ask someone “Hey, what are you looking for?” Go ahead and note what kind of relationship you're looking for in your bio — experts usually recommend doing that — but avoid asking about specific character traits.

What is the male female ratio on Tinder? ›

Tinder has a gender imbalance, with 75% of users identifying as male. In some countries, such as India, the male to female disparity is even larger, while in Europe it is closer to 50/50.

Is it awkward to swipe right on someone you know? ›

As a rule, if you don't want to date them, don't swipe right. You don't know how they really feel about you, and in the event that you do match, the conversation could get awkward fast. Even if you think it would be a funny or friendly gesture for you to say hi, you're better off sticking to chatting in person.

Who uses Tinder the most? ›

Users in more than 197 countries use the app, with the U.S. recording the most user subscriptions. Tinder statistics show that 7.8 million users are from the United States, followed by the U.K., which has 5 million users.
Tinder Users by Country 2023
  • Italy.
  • India.
  • Chile.
  • Finland.
  • Denmark.
  • Norway.
  • New Zealand.
  • The Netherlands.

Does Tinder rank your attractiveness? ›

How does Tinder work out how desirable (read: hot) you are? Using a so-called “ELO” system, inspired by how chess players are ranked (yes, really!). It's pretty simple: if people swipe right on you, your desirability score goes up, and it goes down if people instead give your profile a pass.

Does Tinder Sort by attractiveness? ›

Does Tinder measure attractiveness? Tinder CEO Sean Rad told Fast Company the rating is technically not a measure of attractiveness, but a measure of “desirability,” – because it's not determined simply by your profile photo. “It's not just how many people swipe right on you,” he said. “It's very complicated.

Does Tinder match your attractiveness? ›

No. You get matches based on who has swiped yes on you, and have also swiped yes on them in return.

Who is the most swiped right woman on Tinder? ›

Eliana Silver began using the app to meet new people after moving from the US to Aberdeen in Scotland for university. But the 21-year-old says she didn't get many matches as she was 'picky' over who she swiped right on and only went on dates with two men she met on Tinder.

Who gets the most right swipes on Tinder? ›

Users who note their job and education get more matches than those who don't, Tinder says. Hey, baby — hot job you've got there. And certain jobs get more right-swipes than others.
  • Pilot.
  • Founder/entrepreneur.
  • Firefighter.
  • Doctor.
  • TV/radio personality.
  • Teacher.
  • Engineer.
  • Model.
Feb 25, 2016

What causes a girl to swipe right? ›

What makes you swipe right on a guy? May be attractiveness and the race of a potential partner, a new study reveals. The findings indicate that people's reason for swiping right is based primarily on attractiveness and the race of a potential partner, and that decisions are often made in less than a second.

Can a girl make the first move on a guy? ›

According to a new survey by dating site OkCupid, women who make the first move increase their chances of dating more attractive men. The study found that when a woman contacts a man first, 30 percent of those messages turn into a conversation.

What makes guys swipe left? ›

Negativity is a huge reason why guys swipe left.

This probably won't turn off a lot of guys but I'd avoid it as it's not going to make guys who are just looking for a hookup stay away.

How many likes does the average guy get on Tinder? ›

If you're a guy, for instance, you're probably getting more like 50 Likes per 12 hours. And if you've been guilty of right-swiping on everyone, it may be even less. All in all, it varies user-to-user. Tinder Likes depend on your age, location, gender, and other various secret factors that Tinder doesn't disclose.

Are guys picky on Tinder? ›

Heterosexual men are not picky on Tinder, a 2016 study from Queen Mary University of London in the U.K. found. It showed men swipe right far more often than heterosexual women do, leaving them with a low success rate: about 0.6%.

How many Tinder profiles are fake? ›

While it's hard to tell what percentage of Tinder profiles are bots, we can assume that it isn't more than 20%.

Why do guys get less matches on Tinder? ›

Men send out more messages, to more potential partners, but tend to put in less effort or are less committed to their matches. Women may feel flattered by the frequency of matches, but they may also feel disappointed when trying to follow up and have deeper conversations.

What is an Elo score Tinder? ›

The idea behind the Elo score was that Tinder would rank people by attractiveness. Elo scores are used to rank chess players, too, but in the context of Tinder, the more people that swiped right (or Liked) a person's profile, the higher their assigned score went up.

Is it harder for guys to get matches on Tinder? ›

Ultimately, most women only swipe yes on a handful of men per day while men are more freewheeling with their swipes. This creates a highly competitive environment where many men find it difficult to get matches consistently. Despite the high selectivity of female users, they actually match more often than men.

Is it easier to be a girl on Tinder? ›

While most women can easily find matches with men they're interested in, the app presents a much more challenging environment for men. This difference is most evident in swiping patterns. While women swipe more than men overall, they are far more selective when doing so.

Do most girls have Tinder? ›

Only seven percent of female survey respondents confirmed being users of the social dating app.
Percentage of adults in the United States who use Tinder as of April 2020, by gender.
CharacteristicUsage rate
1 more row
Apr 28, 2022

Is Bumble better than Tinder? ›

Bumble is better than Tinder if you're looking for a serious relationship. The matches are of higher quality overall, and many of the women you'll find on the app are “meet-the-parents-ready” marriage material. Bumble was started by one of Tinder's founders who wanted to create a more “women-friendly” app.

How do you know if you're popular on Tinder? ›

There's no way to tell for sure.

Tinder won't notify you if you're featured on someone's Top Picks. However, it might be more likely that you're a Top Pick if you're getting more Super Likes and matches than usual.

Do dating apps rate your attractiveness? ›

Here's how it works—and what happened when I discovered my number. How desirable are you on Tinder? You might not realize it, but anyone who's used the popular dating app is assigned an internal rating: a score calculated by the company that ranks the most (and least) desirable people swiping on the service.

Does Tinder punish you for resetting? ›

Resetting your Tinder account can get you shadowbanned, especially if you delete it then try to recreate it a few minutes later. (Classic bot behavior.) When you're shadowbanned, the app seems normal to you, but no one else can see you. So you won't be getting any matches.

What percentage of men get swiped right on? ›

Well the percentage of swipes to the right for a male with a an average profile is 1–2%. Girls on tinder read the bio, see the pics then decide if you're worth swiping right. Most of the time it's a group exercise with 2–3 girls judging you and your profile. So the chances of a guy getting a right swipe is just 2%.

What is the best swipe ratio on Tinder? ›

The rule of thumb here is trying to stick to an 80/20 ratio. Swipe right on 20% of the people you see and think you'll match best with, and you'll likely do well. Use Tinder Daily. Certainly, the frequency in which you use the app and the amount you swipe will factor into your score, the running hypotheses go.

Can someone see me if I swipe left? ›

Ie will they see me on Tinder even though I've swiped left? Yes. The only way to eliminate all the people who have already swiped no is to purchase a gold account. This way you can have a list of just the ones who've swiped yes.

Does Tinder show you the same person twice? ›

You may see someone's profile again if they deleted their account and decided to come back, or if you've been swiping with poor network connection.

How many matches do attractive guys get on Tinder? ›

The average match rate for guys on Tinder is about 1 in 10. So, if a guy swipes right 100 times, he'd typically get 10 matches. However, this isn't just a matter of blindly swiping right - you also need to be selective and not too picky.

What is the female to male ratio on Tinder? ›

Tinder gender demographics

Tinder has a gender imbalance, with 75% of users identifying as male. In some countries, such as India, the male to female disparity is even larger, while in Europe it is closer to 50/50.

What is the average age on Tinder? ›

Adults aged 33 to 44 years were most likely to use the social dating app, as 19 percent of respondents from that age group confirmed being current users.
Percentage of adults in the United States who use Tinder as of April 2020, by age group.
CharacteristicUsage rate
5 more rows
Apr 28, 2022


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