Best Time To Use Tinder Boost [And 3 More Expert Tinder Tips] (2023)

Boosting your Tinder profile is the easiest way to maximize your profile views, but if she doesn’t like what she sees, it won’t magically result in a higher match rate - or higher quality matches.

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For a Boost to really pay off, your Tinder profile needs to be right swipe worthy.

In this quick guide, you’ll find out the best time to use Tinder Boost, plus 3 expert Tinder tips that will get the hottest women in your area swiping right!

Best Time To Boost Your Profile On Tinder

Tinder Gold and Platinum subscribers only get one free Boost each month, so optimizing when you deploy that purple lightning bolt is important.

Tinder is most active in the evening hours, with activity ramping up around 6 and winding down after 10.

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According To Nielsen, the peak occurs around 9.

To get even more strategic about getting the most Tinder matches with this feature, you’ll also want to factor in the day of the week.

Both Ogury and Wandera have found online dating activity spikes on Thursdays, and a few dating apps like Hinge and Bumble have revealed their heaviest usage occurs on Sundays.

Put that all together, and the best time to use Tinder Boost is around 9 pm on a Thursday or Sunday.

And here’s something you may not have thought would influence Tinder activity - inclement weather.

Turns out people who are stuck inside tend to get their swipe on. Whether it’s a winter storm or a rainstorm, it’s a strategic time to use Tinder Boost.

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3 Ways To Get More Matches During A Tinder Boost

Now that you know the best time to use Tinder Boost, want to make those 30 minutes really count?

#1: Use At Least 3 Profile Pictures

According to a study involving Tinder users in New York, men whose Tinder profiles contained 3 photos instead of just one got more than 5x the matches.

And while any one of your photos could make her swipe left, the primary photo is arguably the one that will have the most immediate impact. If she’s not intrigued, there’s no reason to look at the other 2, right?

When it comes to selecting your primary Tinder photo, there are 3 choices you can make to instantly increase your appeal, and the good news is none of them are looks-dependent:

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  • Strong eye contact is a primary photo must. Locking eyes, even in a photograph, creates a feeling of connection. Blocking your eyes, on the other hand, may lead to her thinking you’re less trustworthy - because you’re literally hiding something.
  • It’s all about proportions. While she wants to see a full-body photo of her potential matches just as much as you do, put it later on in your lineup. Photos that are cropped to “headshot” proportions (read: mid-torso and up) were rated as more attractive in a recent study.
  • Don’t fade away. Choose a primary photo where there’s obvious contrast between you and the background, or dial it up with an editor like Colorcinch or Pixlr. Blending in to your surroundings is not the way to stand out on Tinder, and photos with higher contrast were also rated more attractive.

What’s all that look like in photo form? Here’s an example of a great Tinder photo:

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#2: Quality Is King

Blurry, fuzzy, grainy, poorly lit… you know a bad photo when you see one. And yet way too many guys go right ahead and use them on Tinder anyway.

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But you're signaling to her that you don't care very much about the first impression you're making, so chances are you've just handed her a reason to swipe left.

If you don’t have any high-quality images with flattering lighting, grab your phone and a friend and go take some - preferably outside in the natural light.

Here are a few other things to consider when deciding which photos make the cut:

  • Flash. Unless it’s wielded by the hands of the pro, flash generally does you no favors. It tends to wash you out, highlight imperfections and cast a harsh shadow, all of which conspire to bump up your perceived age by a whopping 7 years. Not only will you not look your best, she’ll also likely see a red flag when your displayed age on the app doesn’t match your appearance.
  • SnapChat filters. These aren’t a great look for Tinder, or any other dating app. For starters, they obscure your appearance, which is essentially what Tinder is all about. Those cartoon puppy ears, bunny noses, glasses and the like also make the photo more visually complex - and the more complicated your brain perceives an image to be, the less attractive it becomes.

Get even more Tinder photo tips here!

#3: You Need To Sweat The Small Stuff

There’s a reason people say the devil is in the details, and that’s especially true on a dating app where literally any tiny thing you get wrong could result in her swiping left.

The majority of women “carefully evaluate” profiles when swiping on a dating app, which means your bio will get noticed - especially if the first few lines appear on your primary photo.

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Write A Successful Bio

For your Tinder bio to be effective, you need to give her a few reasons to want to date you. Think about the type of woman you’re trying to meet, then imagine what that type of woman would be looking for in a guy.

Travel, pets, fun and interesting hobbies, why you love your job… whatever traits you have that make you marketable, give them a mention.

And speaking of occupation… humor can work great in a Tinder profile when it’s done correctly. But your job typically isn’t a good thing to joke about:

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Best Time To Use Tinder Boost [And 3 More Expert Tinder Tips] (7)
Best Time To Use Tinder Boost [And 3 More Expert Tinder Tips] (8)

An attractive job title is a must, especially when you’re looking for more than just a hookup or casual dating.

While you may think cracking self-deprecating joke about your work is funny, she’s likely to think you’re not taking the process seriously. And that means she’s far less likely to waste her time matching with you.

Punctuation is another thing a lot of guys overlook, and that’s a mistake. Tinder bios max out at 500 characters, but that’s a visually daunting block of text if you don’t punctuate.

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There’s a few other problems with the Tinder bio in the example above, and one of the most glaring is the overall negative tone.

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An upbeat, positive bio is far more likely to keep her engaged than a laundry list of what you don’t like and aren’t looking for, or past wrongs you’ve experienced in relationships.

Along those same lines, you want to portray yourself as a happy, upbeat guy who’s looking for a great girl to join him - not rescue him from a pit of loneliness and despair:

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Want more expert profile advice straight from the Tinder pros? Check out these Tinder profile examples!

Not Happy With Your Matches On Tinder?

It’s frustrating when Tinder isn’t working for you. In fact, it can make you feel even lonelier and your self-esteem takes a hit.

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We’ll even identify your most attractive photos using our proprietary, data-driven ranking process. Meeting your dream girl just got a lot easier.

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Find out how!


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